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Tortek makes use of existing open source software where possible. Listed below are our customized software packages, which are free to download, use, modify and distribute.


Version: 1.3.1-tortek-r2
Download: u-boot-1.3.1-tortek-r2.tar.gz

This version of U-Boot has been modified by Tortek. It is based on the U-Boot supplied with the Olimex LPC-E2468 development board, plus some tidying up and bug fixes (mainly fixing the "reset" command to use the watchdog timer).

To build for this board, type:

make lpc_e2468_config
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnu- ARCH=arm make

Or, for the Zapper ZP10:

make zapper_zp10_config
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnu- ARCH=arm make


Download: uclinux-

This version of uCLinux has been modified by Tortek. It is based on uClinux, plus modifications by Olimex for the LPC-E2468. The arch_reset() call has been fixed to use the watchdog timer to generate a reset. USB support has been added, and the Ethernet driver transmission bugs have been fixed.

To build for the LPC-E2468, type:

make lpc_e2468_defconfig
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnu- make

To build for the Zapper ZP10:

make zapper_zp10_defconfig
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-unknown-linux-gnu- make

You will get a flat binary image in arch/arm/boot/Image (this is the linked binary above).


Version: 1.10.1-tortek-r2
Download: busybox-1.10.1-tortek-r2.tar.gz

This version of BusyBox has been modified by Tortek. It is based on BusyBox 1.10.1 and has been altered so that it can be compiled using Snapgear's arm-elf-gcc to produce a BFLT binary for uCLinux. Also, some flash manipulation utilities have been added.

Build using:

make defconfig
CROSS_COMPILE=arm-elf- ARCH=arm make

You should end up with a BFLT busybox binary in the top level directory, after which you can use the usual "make install" to start putting together a root filesystem.


Version: 5.1.4-tortek-r2
Download: lua-5.1.4-tortek-r2.tar.gz

This version of Lua has been modified by Tortek. It is based on Lua 5.1.4, plus the Lua POSIX library and the Lua BitOp library, with extensions to support more POSIX functions and be byte-code compatible with .luac files generated on x86.

To build for uClinux, type:

make zapper


Version: tortek-r1
Download: gnutls-tortek-r1.tar.gz

This is a GNU-TLS distribution assembled by Tortek specifically for cross-compilation targeted at ARM/uCLinux. It combines GNU-TLS and its dependencies into one package. Type "make" at the top-level source directory to compile static libraries using Snapgear's arm-elf-gcc toolchain.


Version: 0.94.14rc18-tortek-r1
Download: boa-0.94.14rc18-tortek-r1.tar.gz

This version of Boa has been modified by Tortek. It is based on Boa version 0.94.14rc18, plus the uCLinux patch available from

Other modifications include better CGI support, execution of .lua and .luac scripts, and optional SSL (using Tortek's GNU-TLS distribution). By default, it will compile using Snapgear's arm-elf-gcc toolchain for uCLinux (just type "make").

To build with SSL support, use:

USE_TLS=1 make

This will search for the Tortek GNU-TLS distribution in ../gnutls/, which must be already built.